About Us

we are specialized in importing all kinds of nuts,dried fruits and spices from all the world since 1940 from the beginning of our father “MR/BASSIOUNI MOHAMED BASSIOUNI” and his popular name in the market is” MOSTAFA BASSIOUNI” and he was dead at year 2000 and he was the first generation of bassiouni company.
the second generation begin with his son DR.ENG/ALAA ELDIN BASSIOUNI MOHAMED” in importing nuts,dried fruits and spices, with him in the business his son” MR/MOHAMED ALAA ELDIN BASSIOUNI” and the son of his sister “ENG/KARIM SAMY IBRAHIM” who is the manager of bassiouni sons of trading shop wich is o penning at year 2005 to present to people the best kind of nuts and dried fruits with high quality.

This shop is located at 66 mahmoud fahmy elnokrashy street-manshia-alexandria-egypt.We are on the way to open a new branch of our shops which will be located at fawzy moaz street-smouha-alexandria-egypt and this place is one of the rich and best place in alexandria.
According to we are one of oldest company name in market so we distribute our products (bulk or with our packing) to big supermarkets,hotels,and patisserie. wait from us the new and the best.